You won’t know what awaits you in that process before you have any health problems.

 We hope you don’t have any health problems; but it is very important that you take precautions against the bad surprises of life, that you do not regret it later and that you are not too late.

 Here is one of the measures you can take private health insurance… You need to meet with him in order to be there when you need it. Then we will introduce you to private health insurance and share the details you need to know.

1. What is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance; insurance policy, which may occur after sudden illnesses, accidents, minor or major health problems.

 It covers your treatment costs under pre-agreed or insured collaterals. In other words, with the help of private health insurance, you can benefit from the health services in private hospitals by paying less or not paying any fee.

Private health insurance covers your expenses in accordance with the scopes specified in your coverage. So in outpatient treatment, if the insurance company covers 80% of the treatment, you have to pay 20%. At this point, it is also important not to confuse complementary health insurance with private health insurance. Complementary health insurance; you will also pay for the treatment costs according to the collaterals, so you do not have to pay additional fees.

2. Why Should I Have Private Health Insurance?

Even if you want to get a good health service after an accident, injury or a minor health problem in daily life, your financial situation may be insufficient for this. Private health insurance is on your side in such cases and provides you with free or minimum wage coverage in private health institutions. In other words, it helps you to get through the stressful period in a stress-free way and allows you to get the quality of private health service you want. Therefore, you can think of your health insurance not only as a precautionary measure, but also as a strong assurance for your future and health.

The private health insurance provides you with the opportunity to benefit from quality treatment options, as well as the ability to handle costly and long waiting periods such as patient caregivers, beds, laboratories and special examinations more easily and economically. 

3. What Does Private Health Insurance Cover?

The general health insurance contract covers the costs of treatment for all non-existent and future-related illness risks. Private health insurance coverage may vary depending on the insurance product you are involved in.

Of course, during the contract, the scope of the guarantees can be expanded and additional clauses can be created. In this way, special requests such as birth, surgery, physical therapy, home treatment and treatment abroad can be included in the insurance with additional guarantees.

4. Is there any age restriction in private health insurance?

The age limit and range of private health insurance may vary by insurance companies and product; however, we can say that between the ages of 18 and 60 are eligible for private health insurance. Children under the age of 18 can be added to their parents’ health insurance. In cases where you include your children in your insurance, you can receive outpatient or inpatient treatment at any doctor in any contracted hospital and cover the expenses of the treatment according to the guarantees.

5. When Will My Private Health Insurance Start?

Health insurance starts with the first premium payment. You can ensure the continuity of your health insurance by making premium payments regularly within the specified period, and renew your insurance policy when the period expires. However, at this point, it is useful to state that some diseases are evaluated within the scope of altına waiting period özel in private health insurance that guarantees your health. The waiting period is the period before some diseases are covered by the insurance. In most insurance companies, the waiting period is 1 year and when the insurance is renewed, this period disappears.

6. In case of pregnancy, does my insurance cover birth costs?

The answer is actually hidden in your collaterals. If you wish to take out your health insurance when you have your private health insurance, you can include your expenses during pregnancy and childbirth.

7. In which cases can I cancel my contract?

It is very important to provide accurate information when you take out private health insurance. The contract may be canceled if no prior illness is specified and subsequently detected. In addition, if the person intentionally harms himself, the contract can be canceled. In the meantime, it is important to note that making regular payments at the specified intervals is very important for the continuity of the contract.

8. What are the private health insurance premiums determined?

Private health insurance prices cannot be given clearly; because general and special conditions, coverage limits, type of insurance, age of the insured and existing health problems are effective in determining private health insurance premiums. In other words, the items to be added outside the general conditions of private health insurance may change the premium payments. Additional demands such as birth, overseas treatment, age factor, genetic disease susceptibility cause an increase in premiums. Premium payments and contractual illnesses and previous treatments are also taken into consideration.

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