Damage or theft at the campsite: The pay insurance

Some love it, others hate it. A regular holiday in a caravan or tent is a must for true camping fans and permanent campers.

 The closeness to nature and the cosiness of camping is almost a way of life. But even in the wild, annoying mishaps and accidents that you can not use on holiday happen again and again.

 So that you are prepared for your next camping holiday, we will tell you which insurance companies pay in case of damage or theft and what you have to observe.

Theft at the campsite

In common travel insurance , your belongings are insured in principle against theft (travel baggage insurance) – but often only when a locked vehicle is broken into. In addition, for example, the caravan must be parked on an official campsite and the items must not be stored in such a way that they are visible from the outside. A theft from the freely accessible tent is in any case not insured. Likewise, money, ATM or credit cards and travel documents are usually uninsured.

If something is stolen from the caravan, may also cover the caravan insurance (usually “caravan insurance” or similar) , as long as the content is also insured and it is a burglary. Simple theft is rarely insured in this case.

Damage to the caravan

Unfortunately, weather and hail damage or vandalism are not uncommon. For damage to the mobile camper itself, the caravan comprehensive insurance comes on. In addition to the damage to one’s own vehicle in the event of accidents on the road, the usual damage such as fire, storm, flood, hail, theft and other forces of nature are insurable on your own camper. Also parking damage, broken glass, damage by animal bites or by collision with animals are often covered.

The insurance coverage varies depending on the partial or full insurance cover and also depending on the provider. Unfortunately, you will not be spared a comprehensive comparison. Particular attention should be paid to the coverage and the deductibles . A distinction is also between a caravan and a trailer insurance .

Pay attention to the local scope of the insurance. Caravan insurance is often only valid in Europe (geographically) and can be extended if necessary.

For permanent campers who have their mobile home firmly on a campsite, there is a separate camping insurance . It is similar to a “mini” building and household insurance for the second residence and often applies only to mobile homes that are not allowed to drive (often called “stealth vehicles”).

Damage to the luggage or caravan contents

So that the content of the caravan (household and luggage) is insured, you need in addition to the caravan-Kasko often own content insurance! In the camping insurance for permanent campers with a firm stand the household contents, however, is already insured.

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